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Russian Lip Filler

The term “Russian lips” refers to a technique giving a deep 'V' shaped curve toward the chin.

  • 1 h
  • 145 British pounds
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Service Description

Russian lip fillers are a specialised technique in non-surgical cosmetic treatments that aim to create a distinctive, heart-shaped lip with a more pronounced Cupid’s bow. This method enhances both the height and shape of the lips rather than just adding volume, making it ideal for those seeking a more sculpted, lifted lip appearance. The procedure utilises hyaluronic acid-based fillers, which are injected strategically to lift the lip edges and accentuate the Cupid's bow while maintaining a natural-looking fullness. Typically lasting about 30 to 60 minutes, the treatment starts with a consultation to discuss the client's aesthetic goals and evaluate their natural lip shape. The lips are then cleansed, and a topical anaesthetic may be applied to ensure comfort. The filler is carefully injected using a technique that focuses on the outer edges and the centre of the lips to achieve the desired ‘Russian doll’ effect. Recovery is straightforward, with minimal downtime. Some patients may experience slight swelling or bruising, but these effects generally subside within a few days, allowing for a quick return to everyday activities. Results are immediately noticeable and typically last between 6 to 12 months, depending on individual factors such as metabolism and the type of filler used. To maintain the aesthetic effect, periodic touch-ups are recommended.

Contact Details

  • 62 The Grove, Ilkley, UK

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